The Weekend Alkaline Cleanse with Chlorophyll shots

The Weekend Alkaline Cleanse with Chlorophyll shots

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The weekender is the perfect way to detoxify your system after a busy week. It combines all of our green juices with our brand new green juice called Green Dream.

Combinations of dark leafy green vegetables that are rich in magnesium, the key mineral for better sleep, ginger, which aids the liver in detoxifying as you rest makes this the perfect pick me up for your days off. 2 days of green juice will make sure you are ready for the week ahead!

Includes; 10 x 330ml Green juices with 2 x 60ml Chlorophyll shots

Start your day with hot water and freshly squeezed lemon followed by a chlorophyll shot.

9: 00 AM Green Dream

11: 30 AM Green Glow

2: 00 PM Green Machine

5:00 PM Green Dream

7:00 PM Green Glow

These alkaline shots are so powerful in their ability to promote energy, promote an alkaline body and eliminate inflammation. You will feel it almost immediately after you drink them. Just 1 of these shots is all you need and you'll be set for the day.