Can you still eat during a cleanse?

For best results when cleansing, it is best to stick to the juice cleanse plan. Ensuring that you drink plenty of fluids thoughout. If you are very hungry try eating some celery and cucumber. Alternatively, try a few unsalted almond nuts or half of an avocado.

Can i drink tea, coffee and or alcohol when i cleanse?

The simple answer here is no. It is best to stick to water and herbal teas for maximum benefits.

Can i train during my cleanse?

You can still train during your cleanse. Taking the ginger shots and the ginger beet shots really help energy. It’s important to listen to your body though and if you feel you need to train less then please alter your training plan during your cleanse.

Will i lose weight?

Losing weight is a by product of the cleanse. Generally, everyone does lose weight during the cleanse but there are also lots more benefits like improved sleep, resetting bad eating habits and glowing skin.

What is the best thing about juice cleansing?

One of the best things is the way your skin glows and the way you feel during and after the cleanse. You will also notice increased energy levels.