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My husband would have been home, but thank you so much for the delivery this morning - can't wait to get stuck in, they look gorgeous!



Just wanted to touch base & let you know some of my feedback from recent juice cleanse! I loved it!! 
Packaging - loved the packaging! It's a small thing, but I loved how it looked in my fridge! 
Information - really informative, & easy to understand. I especially liked the timetable for your juices & even the personal touch of saying things like you're nearly there! etc. Again, a small thing , but made me smile & like your brand a little bit more.
Taste - yum! The cocoa & green machine were sooooo good! Wish I could just drink those!
I've just seen you 20 off so am about to order again! And I've recommended to several of my friends too.

Claire |


Yummy juice company are amazing I have just done a 3 day juice fast with them. The fresh juice was Yummy and I lost 6 lbs in weight and I felt great.
My mind was so clear it hasn't felt that way in years and I felt so energized as never before. Going to do the 5 day juice fast next. I can't recommend the Yummy Juice Company enough.



Loved the cleanse. Brought this just before my holidays and lost 5 LBS. Will be doing this again for my next holiday! 



This cleanse was perfect for my early starts and fast days. Loved the flavors, got a bit hungry on day 2 but managed to complete all 3 days. Lost 6 LBS. Thanks. Will Definitely recommend to colleagues.



Being in my 60's I decided to try a one day cleanse to start with as I had a big event. I lost 2 LBS and I am delighted.



I was really intrigued by the idea of a three day as I have never done anything like it. The service was great all the beautifully designed bottles and gorgeous brightly colored healthy juices arrived on the first day. I did miss my caffeine fixes but the ginger shots did help. I feel lighter and cleaner at the end of the days. I think to get the best results you need to clear your diary. Easier said than done! I am now moving to a one day cleanse every Monday to reset myself after an often over-indulgent weekend!


Business Speaker and Lecturer (Mum of 3)

Loved the cleanse. I am yoga teacher and I now recommend this to my students.



I tried the one day cleanse for the first for the first time and was so happy with the result. I lost 2 LBS on the one day cleanse. I like all of the flavors too.



My last bottle of juice before Iend my 3 Day Detox! So, I've had no food or caffeine for 3 days, just 5 daily bottles of fab tasting juice (plus lots of water) which I've really enjoyed! Family have been tucking into pancakes, pasta, chicken, chips,...nah, I've been strong willed & persevered because I want to enjoy the benefits & I didn't want to give up! I feel great! Thanks @theyummyjuicecompany for the yummy juices & the encouraging words!



I finished my 5 day juice plan yesterday evening with my last juice due at 7pm and I wasn’ t quite able to finish it - I have to honest I was Sceptical about juicing, have stalked a few plans and never signing up, thought Could always do it OK my own. I am happy to say I completed the 5 day juice plan and it has made a huge different over the 5 days. It showed me I can be determined and very disciplined when I really put my mind to it - but being a busy mum to 4 I often the last person I think about when feeding myself, I realized although I cook healthily - I actually pick a lot and rarely fuel my body. The first 2 days were hard I will be honest, it1 s about perseverance but mainly because I am totally reliant on coffee (happily drink up to 6 cups a day if not more to the point it  does not work anymore) - so last Sunday I feared not being able to drink coffee the most - realize now I don’t need it. I feel totally energized and actually even though today I am allowed to actually eat good, I was happy to wake up with a hot water with lemon and ginger and finish of the last of my juices. I think having one less person in the house to think about feeding by just being able to go into the fridge and grab a juice definitely helps - so the future is about prepping and making sure there is a healthy alternative to snacking (fresh veg) and actually eating when l1m hungry - I have shed 31 kgs this week in 5 days and I am delighted mostly with the energetic feel I have in my step which gets bigger and stronger every morning - thank you to the @theyummyjuicecompany for your support and guidance.



Detox results, came in with a 2.51b loss and seriously less bloated! 1st pie Sunday, 2nd pie today! Breakfast is calling me though cannot wait for some yogurt, figs and granola!! Hubby lost 41b but did struggle with no food so had a Banana and nuts. He's a lot bigger than me though so needed something extra. I've done this to detox, to cleanse the system,and I feel great! Too much holiday beverages, pizza and crisps consumed!! (God love a crisp!!!!) Skin looks great too! 90% of the shakes I loved, 10% I didn't, but that's because they are beetroot based and you all know my thoughts on beetroot ha!! Held my nose and glugged it down much to the amusement of my work colleagues!!

Work trousers fit better, and sleeping better! Back to calorie counting now,1400-1500 a day with days where I'll consume 45888 cals, because that's life and life includes wine and girls nights out!! (sat! Whooop! !!) So cheers to my first cuppa coffee all week and I might even make it a @Starbucks



Ok team.
My journey.
Cleanse start date 26/6/18 end date 28/6/18
Reason for cleanse:
-to challenge myself to see if I could achieve my daily routine at work and home on only juice.
-Re set bad habits and regain self control over food and drink.
-Bonus was the weight loss and I lost over 13lbs and over 6lbs on the first day.
What can I say. This was the first time I had ever considered doing a juice detox. The reason I decided to do The Yummy Juice Company cleanse was after seeing the huge amounts of natural raw foods going in to their juices and I loved the brand. I knew I would have enough nutrients for my body to embark on this challenge.
So my journey begins. The hardest part for me was not not having the coffees or treats. The hardest thing for me was getting my head around not actually chewing food 3 days.
I experienced a couple of low energy levels, and was surprised by some serious knee high energy levels...which was incredible considering how much coffee I usually have! I was not it anyway shape or form starving on the cleanse. Yes, I was hungry at some points but I never felt the cleanse was just to much that I couldn't achieve it.
By the 3rd day I felt clean, healthy and happy. Since the cleanse I have began having a ginger shot every morning! What a buzz you get from it.
I am also not picking at treats which is a bonus. So the best thing about the cleanse for me was I have managed to take back control of my eating habits and am so excited never to go back to my old ways and implement these improvements. If you are thinking about doing the cleanse I would say go for it and embrace the change.
Huge thank you to Clive and Kelly for their support on the cleanse they were both fantastic.

Good luck 



ABSOLUTELY LOVE this company.
I have tried others in the past but this brand are the best tasting and freshest juice company I have come across. Whole organic foods packaged into a 3 or 5 day juice plan. I went for the 3 day, which I will be honest and say challenged me, mostly due to the headache I got from not having my daily caffeine, but after the 2nd night I felt like I had more clarity of mind, less bloated and more in control of my food cravings.
The hunger sensation was not as strong as I thought it would. The juices are not overly sweet, and you can taste the subtle flavours which I really liked. The pineappleicious was my favourite. I completed the juice plan a week ago today, and I have felt the positive results have continued.
My diet is much better controlled, I value a coffee more than ever and I would not hesitate to recommend this great healthy opportunity to anyone who needs to break a bad habit or get in touch with their health. It's great value and you will not regret the investment in yourself. Go for it :) I will certainly be going back for more. Thank you YummyJuice Company.



I recently did a 3 day cleanse and it was awesome. Really really easy to do and I din’t feel hungry at all. 


What a lovely 3 days I spent enjoying my yummy juice! The package arrived promptly, the juices were delicious, and I even got a little bonus snuck in there- what a nice surprise! 


After doing a juice cleanse in Thailand I wanted to find a local company who could provide high quality juices and I’m so pleased I found the Yummy Juicing Company. Their juices are delicious and varied. Jam packed with healthy ingredients to keep me happy and healthy.

Their website is super easy to use and their staff have a wealth of knowledge to help you through any cleanse you choose to use! 

So pleased I found them!


Exactly that yummy. Fantastic juices you just have to try them.


Dear Clive,

Thank you so much for my lovely three day juice cleanse.

I really enjoyed it and felt so much better afterwards. Day one was easy, day two was painful and day three was a little better than two. I actually didn't get rid of the headaches until the Friday, which shows how much my body needed that cleanse. I realized I had stopped craving the rubbish food and have switched to decaf tea and had no alcohol since. I also lost five pounds which was a nice surprise.

Thank you Clive for being the voice to get me through day two. It really helped.

Many thanks again.


I loved the cleanse again this week. Juicing regularly has given me many benefits. I have more energy, less muscle pain, healthier nails and hair and have lost nearly two stones. Thank you the yummy juice company. I will be ordering again soon!


Juices were tasty and didn’t feel too hungry at all. Found it a great way to break bad habitual snacking and caffeine which is a fab result!


Thanks. I’m sure i’ll be doing it again soon as it’s been more enjoyable than other diets/detoxes.


Glad to be back! Would love to get your products today or tomorrow please? Just back from bali and feel strong and good, but need a reboot! My daughter is going to try a one-day juice.

Still going and feeling good today. I have been quite light-headed and spacey but feel a bit sharper today. I actually enjoyed it.


Hiya. Juices were epic thanks, will order next week.


Day 6 no juice but feeling great. I’m in the zone now wish i had done the 10 day but away this weekend so it wouldn’t have worked. Great juices thank you, i will be in touch soon!