Juice till Dinner - 3 DAY PLAN.

Juice till Dinner - 3 DAY PLAN.

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4 x 330ml raw juices and 1 x 60ml shot for each day of your 3 day Juice plan.

Start the day with a hot water and lemon and a ginger shot. Juice all day and have a healthy evening meal of your choice. Simply have a healthy meal in the evening and let us provide you with 4 juices for the day, 3 for the day and an evening juice before bed. Simple.

We recommend eating whole foods (salads, vegetables, whole grains) and abstaining from animal proteins as well as refined starches and sugars (white bread, rice, pasta) for your dinner. We also recommend no caffeine or alcohol for your evening meal to feel the full effects of the cleanse.

Once you receive the juices you will need to freeze from Day 3 and ensure you take the juices out 12 hours before the next day.

Our cleanse plans are carefully designed to maximise your experience by healing and stabilising blood sugar levels and removing toxins out of the body.

The juices are loaded with nutrients, especially alkalising minerals all of which enables the body to rebuild all of the digestive system in order to channel energy into deep cleansing of toxins, allowing it to function more efficiently and heal your body from the inside out.

Day 1, 2 and 3.

Start the day with a hot water and lemon.

Ginger shot.
9:00am Pineapplicious
11.30am Green Machine
1.30pm Orange Sunshine
8:00pm Cocoa Pow