One Day Juice Cleanse (5 x 330ml)

One Day Juice Cleanse (5 x 330ml)

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The one day cleanse is a great introduction to a Juice Cleanse. Although you may not feel the effects that you would from a three or five day cleanse, you get to taste our delicious juices and give your body a break from your everyday diet. You will be surprised how much lighter you feel for abstaining from food for just one day and of course be ready to take on a three day juice cleanse next time.

Cleanse includes 5 x 330ml fresh juices made from just fruit and vegetables.

  • Start your day with a hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  • 9:00am Beautiful Beets
  • 11.30am Beautiful Beets
  • 2:00pm Orange Sunshine
  • 5:00pm Green Glow
  • 7:00pm Cocoa Pow