The Hangover Cleanse with 3 different shots

The Hangover Cleanse with 3 different shots

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No two hangovers are ever the same but what we do know is that hangovers dehydrate and irritate the stomach lining. We also know that our blood sugar levels drop sharply after a night out which doesn't help the situation.

Flush your system with fresh nutritious juices that include ginger which is the one of the top 10 ingredients that will help you get back to feeling like yourself in no time.

The Hangover Cleanse includes; 5 x 330ml fresh juices and 3 x shots, (1 x ginger shot, 1 hot shot and 1 Ginger beets shot.)

Start the day with a hot water and freshly squeezed lemon follwed by a ginger shot.

9:00 AM Pineapplicious

10:45 AM Hot shot

11.30 AM Green dream

2:00 PM Green glow 

3:45 PM Ginger beets

4:00 PM Beautiful beets

7:00 PM Cocoa pow